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Poultry litter-to-energy is an ideal opportunity for dealing with the nutrient over-loading in poultry producing regions.  Biosolids like poultry litter have the calorific value of a low grade coal.  Many CAFO’s are in regions experiencing nutrient over-loading, and biosolids energy represents both an economically and technically viable solution. The value of the energy will recoup the cost of the project, while simultaneously helping to clean up the environment and concentrating many of the fertilizer nutrients.

There is a tremendous opportunity to utilize this discarded energy source to save millions of dollars energy costs, especially in conjunction with processing plants that require high steam loads.  The energy can be utilized to reduce or eliminate natural gas usage in the furnace and/or produce useful heat or electricity.  This not only saves money, but also provides the most environmentally friendly and intelligent disposal option for the sludge. 


  • AHP has developed a solution for poultry litter-to-energy that borrows technology used for decades to burn municipal sludges.
  • Our solution combines tried-and-true equipment with state-of-the-art control technology to provide a clean burn that avoids slagging in the furnace, or fouling of the heat recovery exchangers.
  • The convection furnace tightly controls the combustion temperature; high enough to assure complete combustion, but below fusion temperatures where slagging can occur.
  • This also creates a dry, slag-free ash that is concentrated in phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and many of the other micronutrients that make poultry litter such a good fertilizer.
The pink tone clearly illustrates the cleaner burn posible with circle slot jets

With circle slot jets

Lower quality burn without the circle slot jets

Without circle slot jets


  1. Provides a renewable energy source—a “Green” project
  2. Energy value can pay for the project over time
  3. Controlled combustion process alleviates slagging
  4. Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and other micro-nutrients are concentrated into the ash to be used in fertilizer
  5. Meets applicable EPA standards
  6. Energy savings portion can be financed

Biosolids Energy Recovery

Capturing the energy released by the biosolids furnace requires primarily standard heat recovery equipment to collect the heat. The heat recovered can then be converted, using conventional equipment, to useful heat (for building heat, process heat, or other uses) and/or to electricity to offset purchased energy costs.


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