American Heat & Power
  Reducing pollution in our environment  
  Solving disposal problems  
  Reducing our dependence on non- renewable energy sources  
  Utilizing the energy savings to help pay back the cost of environment-friendly systems  
  Protecting the Environment -
  The very nature of our work is Environmentally Responsible. Our goal is to capture and utilize energy sources that are otherwise wasted or discarded. Our innovative energy recovery solutions reduce our need for precious non-renewable energy sources and promote a cleaner environment.
  Solving Waste Disposal Problems with Energy Solutions -
  While we also develop heat recovery and cogen projects and provide long-term plant operations, AHP focuses on solving two important problems simultaneously, waste and energy. The goal is the disposal of a waste stream in a manner that utilizes the calorific value (energy) in that waste stream to offset purchased energy utilities (heat and/or electricity). This 1) reduces pollution in our environment, 2) solves a disposal problem, 3) reduces our dependence on non-renewable energy sources, and 4) utilizes the energy savings to help pay back the cost of the environmentally friendly systems.
  The Right Solution -
  Waste Energy Recovery and responsible plant operations is a win-win-win-win solution for the environment, for waste disposal, for energy conservation, and for energy cost savings!
  1) Biosolids Multiple Hearth Furnaces -
    Biosolids Energy
  3) Industrial Process Furnaces - Waste
    Heat Recovery
2) Cogeneration (CHP) and Central Plants
  4) Landfill Gas (LFG) to Energy Plants
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