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  Solving disposal problems  
  Reducing our dependence on non renewable energy sources  
  Utilizing the energy savings to help pay back the cost of environment-friendly systems  


American Heat and Power have positions available for:


Location:  Houston, Texas

Position requires 5+ years of experience with design and project management.

Must have design experience with steam and steam boiler system projects; preferably with power steam and steam turbine experience.  Other experience with solid fuel boilers is a plus.

Must be a licensed P.E., or be qualified to apply for P.E.

Send qualified resumes ONLY to:

Include 3 references familiar with your work.

Competitive salaries and benefits based on qualifications.

All resumes and materials sent will be held confidential.

AHP is an equal opportunity company.


   New Haven , CT  Biosolids Energy Presentation for Facility Tour - November 2009
   WEFTEC Paper - New Haven, CT Beneficial Reuse- Biosolids Energy- October 2008
    Poultry Litter Furnace Developed - ASABE paper-2006
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