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  Solving disposal problems  
  Reducing our dependence on non- renewable energy sources  
  Utilizing the energy savings to help pay back the cost of environment-friendly systems  


One of the most ideal waste-to-energy opportunities is in biosolids disposal. Biosolids (or ‘sewer sludge’) have the calorific value of a low grade coal! Many major cities, especially in the Northeast, now utilize biosolids furnaces for biosolids thermal processing (BPT) in order to dispose of their wastewater plant biosolids.

There is a tremendous opportunity to utilize this discarded energy source to save millions of dollars in disposal and energy costs at municipal wastewater treatment plants across the nation.  The energy can be utilized to reduce or eliminate natural gas usage in the furnace and/or produce useful heat or electricity.  This not only saves money, but also provides the most environmentally friendly and intelligent disposal option for the sludge.

Biosolids Energy Recovery

Capturing the energy released by the biosolids furnace requires primarily standard heat recovery equipment to collect the heat. The heat recovered can then be converted, using conventional equipment, to useful heat (for building heat, process heat, or other uses) and/or to electricity to offset purchased energy costs.

Biosolids Energy Benefits

  1. Energy savings reduces total energy costs

  2. Provides “beneficial use of biosolids”
  3. Provides a renewable energy source—a “Green” project
  4. Energy project can pay for itself over time
  5. Energy savings portion can be financed
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