American Heat & Power
  Reducing pollution in our environment  
  Solving disposal problems  
  Reducing our dependence on non- renewable energy sources  
  Utilizing the energy savings to help pay back the cost of environment-friendly systems  
AHP Management
Darren K. Habetz, PhD, P.E.
  Dr. Habetz has experience with a wide variety of projects involving renewable, thermal, and waste energy systems.  He has served as project engineer, project manager, and program manager for a myriad of thermal energy projects, and has been the managing principal over a thermal energy engineering group. His experience includes renewable energy, biosolids energy, central heating and cooling plants, thermal energy systems analysis, thermal storage systems, cogeneration systems, chilled water and steam distribution systems, MEP systems, campus utility master plans, energy management systems, and renewable energy systems, including biosolids energy projects. With a PhD in mechanical engineering as well as real-world experience in developing projects, Darren offers unique skills for energy engineering as well as utility cost analysis for energy systems.
Richard L. Echols, PE
  Mr. Echols brings more than 33 years experience of progressive responsibility in the energy field, including founding, owning, and operating a successful energy business prior to AHP. This experience includes management, profit and loss responsibility, planning, design, permitting, installation and operations. Plant types included natural gas processing, cogeneration systems, and biomass energy systems using agricultural biomass, biosolids, anaerobic digesters and landfill gas to power internal combustion engines, gas turbines, and boilers for steam production. He has been responsible for the development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of over 110 megawatts of renewable energy projects that have ranged in size from an 80-kilowatt electric generator up to a 36-megawatt power plant. Richard has also been fully responsible for design and implementation of safety and training programs and QA/QC programs for equipment manufacturing, construction and plant operations.
AHP Senior Staff and Support Personnel
Bill M. Nichols, Senior Thermal Energy Systems Specialist
  In his many years of design and consulting, Bill has had extensive experience in projects involving the mechanical design of chilled water plants, steam generating plants, thermal storage systems, cogeneration facilities, heat recovery projects, solid waste incineration waste-to-energy projects, and distribution systems for thermal utilities. His experience also includes design of industrial water treating systems, process piping, and wastewater treatment systems. Bill has provided economic feasibility studies for energy related projects, construction documents, equipment evaluations, detailed cost analysis, and construction management for projects at universities, hospital complexes, high-energy research facilities, military installations, industrial manufacturing facilities, and municipalities.
Kenneth L. Small, PE
  Manager of facilities and utility systems, manager of personnel administration, manager of large environmental assessment programs. Engineering experience as an industrial engineer, environmental engineer, and construction representative. Military facilities engineering experience in the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Business development manager in the United States, Middle East, Asia, and South America. Facilitator for large energy conservation performance contracts with industry, government, non-profits, and universities. Twenty megawatt combined heat & power plant under construction. Identified and developing four other future central plant opportunities for clients. Provide construction representation services for ongoing projects.
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